Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Big News & Little News!

Hello friends and family!!

Yes, it’s finally time for us to announce the big news: we’re going to have a baby! Little Suel should arrive at the end of January 2008. Needless to say, we feel incredibly blessed and SUPER excited! We had our first scan yesterday, and baby is doing fine. I’m just over 10 weeks along. Basically, I have been sick for about 5 of those weeks, and I’m praying that that goes away very soon. I could definitely use your prayers in that respect. You don’t want to know the gory details of me being sick…trust me.

We are excited to be having our first baby in England for a number of reasons. For one thing, I get 6 months paid maternity leave. For another, having the baby in hospital here is free…no medical bills. Jason also gets a couple of weeks paid paternity leave. These are pretty big benefits, and we’re glad about those blessings. After my 6 months off, I will have to go back to work for a few months, but then we will be looking at moving back to the States (who knows where!). That’s the plan anyways…we’ll see what God has in store.

Other than baby news, things are going along pretty normally. My job is great, very busy. I love my patients, and I keep busy every second of my work day, which I enjoy. I am teaching a Chronic Pain Management course right now, and it’s sort of the downside to my job at the moment, as the psychologist I’m working with on it is completely scatterbrained. For my organized, structured working self, I find this very hard. Only 6 more weeks to go, though.

Jason is still at the Courtyard theatre, but having a stressful time. His supervisors are VERY demanding, and even though he is working 45 hour weeks it still doesn’t seem to be enough. If you can pray for him, he is pretty worked up about it all. He is hanging in there, though, and we are hoping they will start to notice his hard work and praise him for it.

We are still leading the 18-30s ministry at church. We are meant to be going camping this weekend with the entire church (70 of us), but as of this past weekend, the campsite was underwater…it’s been raining/flooding in Herefordshire all of June. It was the wettest June in years (and it still hasn’t stopped). We are still wearing sweaters and jeans here and it’s already July! We do miss Arkansas summers!!

We haven’t been on a trip since Norway, but will be going to Morocco with Claire and Jez in August. Jason has something exciting planned for our 5-year anniversary in a few weeks, and it may involve a little trip, but as I’m not allowed to know anything about it, I can’t really say. I’ll let you know afterwards!

Jason just finished climbing Snowden Mountain in Wales, the highest peak in the country. I am pretty sure he wants to tell you about it here:

Yeah, Snowden was great. It was a rainy, foggy day and we didn’t have much of a view. But, the climb was great fun. My buddy Jez and I decided to tackle the mountain because it was on his “To Do” list for 2007.

Also, another bit of little news, I finally saw Mute Math in concert in Birmingham. For all you Mute Math fans out there…it was a great show. If you don’t know who Mute Math is check them out! They just recorded the “Transformers” theme tune! It’s sweet

Okay, Happy Independence Day!

Jason and Sarah

Pics: Above: Sarah's family finding out about our big news over the phone. Below: 1) Crib Goch...the scary part of Snowdon. 2) Jez and Jason near the top. 3) Jason in the fog. 4) The fog has lifted!

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