Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Spring Visitors...

Hi Everyone,

Thought it was about time we sent out another email update…so, strap in!

A few times in your life you have the privilege of meeting those rare people that you feel like your soul connects with. This has happened to us a few times over our lives, and last week some of those people, our dear friends John and Heidi Sebestyen (whom we frequently refer to as our “couple crush”), were able to visit us. I’ll back up a step for those of you who aren’t familiar with John and Heidi.

We met them during my first semester at BGSU in Ohio. I was working on my Masters, John on his Doctorate, and Heidi on her Bachelors. We soon became great friends through our connection with the Theatre Department. They weren’t even dating at the time…then they were…then they were serious…engaged…married…then they moved to the Chicagoland area for John to take a teaching position at a University. We lived with them for about a month before we made the transition to the UK…I really cannot say enough great things about them. We truly love them.

What’s more, they were able to visit us! What a blessing! They stayed from Saturday to the following Sunday. And we did loads of stuff together, which I will now tell you about. Sarah and Jez picked John and Heidi up from the airport (I was in rehearsals for my upcoming production of The Wind in the Willows). They made a day of it in London…doing the usual…seeing the sights, etc. Then back here for a day of church and kite flying on Sunday, which again, I had to miss because of rehearsals. Apparently it was hilarious as Heidi was able to entangle a bystander in the kite strings…by the way, we are talking a serious kite here…2.5 meters across…just short of a paraglider. Anyway, I think they had a great time.

Monday we went to Bath, which has become a frequent stop for our visitors. On the way we stopped at Tintern Abbey, in Wales…gorgeous. We did the usual in Bath…toured the ancient city and marveled at the architecture. Then, off to the neighboring city of Bristol to have a meal and see a production of the musical “Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang.” It was brilliant.

Tuesday, John and Heidi were introduced to Hereford as Sarah and I had to go back to work. They putzed around in town and we worked. On Wednesday, we went for a walk in the Malvern Hills. I wish I could take everyone there, especially on a day like that Wednesday. The weather was amazing and so was the walk…it’s something they don’t get to see everyday in the Chicago area…as you can imagine. Friday, we went to Goodrich Castle…another frequent stop for our guests. Just a beautiful, rustic, castle 30 minutes from our front door…it’s always worth a trip.

Other highlights would be eating fish and chips; going to the cinema to see “Hot Fuzz” (the second time for Sarah and I)…it’s totally worth checking out when it comes to the States; watching “Nacho Libre” and laughing our heads off; watching “Nacho Libre”…again; and going to a local pub.

We had so much fun it’s hard to put it all in words…But, mainly we just enjoyed each others’ company…I’m glad God blessed us with such close friends.

Other than the smashing time we had with John and Heidi, I’ve been very busy with rehearsals for “The Wind in the Willows.” This is the play I’m directing with 2 casts of 90 kids in each cast from 7-14 years old…I know, you don’t envy me. It’s busy and has been a big learning experience so far. The show happens April 11-14 whether we are ready or not!

Sarah and I are great and we have booked our next trip…we’re going to Krakow, Poland at the end of April. So, God willing, in our next email you’ll probably receive loads of information about Krakow…very exciting!

Bye for now,

Jason (and Sarah)

PS: As always, if you’d like to see pics of our time with John and Heidi, check out our blogsite…www.suelfam.blogspot.com…Also, Claire and I put together a video with the youth group from our Church. It’s nothing special, just a video about fairly traded chocolate but it is on “you tube” if you want to check it out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZyMUe-l5gc Or just check it out below.

Pictured: Top: Us at Goodrich Castle. Bottom: 1. In Bath at the Royal Crescent 2. On top of the Malvern Hills 3. Jason and Sarah, John and Heidi, and Jez and Claire at a local pub.

Fair Trade Chocolate Video

Here's a video I made with my friend Claire and the Youth Group from our church. I did a lot of editing on this thing :) Check it out!