Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Suels on the Move!

Hello friends and family,

Things have just settled long enough for us to be able to send out a quick email. August was an exciting, but busy, month…let’s catch up a bit.

From August 9th to the 16th we moved around the continent of Africa, through the country of Morocco. We went with our friends Claire and Jez for this exciting holiday. For most of our time away we stayed in a riad (traditional style house) in Essaouira, Morocco. This city is on the beach. We had a fantastic time getting acquainted with the culture of Morocco…all the sites, smells, and sun we could handle.

Towards the end of our time in Essaouira we had a camel trek into the desert where we spent the night and camel trekked back into town the next day. Sarah wasn’t able to trek, cause she’s pregnant…but she met us at the campsite in a landrover. On that same day we boarded a bus into the city of Marrakech where we stayed for our final 2 nights. Marrakech was a much larger city, more tourists, and by the end of our short stay there, we were glad to be leaving. The snake charmers were cool, though!

We came home, stayed less than a week, and were back on a plane!

This time to Berlin…the 23rd to the 27th. It was a great trip, too. Berlin was a really cool city. Because it had been bombed heavily in WWII, all the buildings were hollowed out. So most of the city today is both brand-new and state of the art, or with the appearance of an old building but with new insides. For instance the Reichstag, which is their parliament building, looks like an old building on the outside, but the inside is a modern glass enclosure with a nice view from the top. AND it’s free to go inside…which is one of the reasons it’s the world’s most visited Parliament building.

Berlin is huge…8 times the size of Paris! So, we had to rely on public transportation a lot. We bought a 3 day pass which gave us unlimited access to the transport system and discount to loads of museums…my favorite was the Natural History museum…only because it housed the worlds largest Dinosaur bones…so sweet! Obviously, there was loads of history there…both WWII history and Cold War history. We visited the Berlin wall or what’s left of it. I found it moving.

This city was more like Paris on London than any of our other city breaks. All three of these cities are so big that it’s hard to see everything…but we filled every minute with a memory.

Our final move this month has been into a new house! With a baby on the way, our tiny little pink flat just wasn’t going to cut it. So we’ve moved right next door, basically, into a 2 bedroom house. It’s soooo nice! We’ve got so much more room, we can actually have visitors over now, which is something we have missed doing. (This includes overseas visitors…hint, hint!)

Our new address is:
21 Ascot Close

Our phone number stays the same.

The very last thing we have to say is that we will be heading stateside with our friends Jez and Claire! We will be in Arkansas from the 10th-23rd of October. I know it’s a bit early to tell you, but if any of you want to make plans to see us…please let us know. We will be in Little Rock/Conway on the 11th and 12th…the Fort Smith NW Arkansas area from the 12th - 17th…and in Camden from the 17th to the 22nd…flying out again on the 23rd. Please let us know if you will be around…we’d love to see you!

That’s all for now…our next email will include: Jason’s All-American B-Day party, Jason’s new job, news about our next pregnancy scan, and hopefully more cool news about our new house!

Speak soon,

Jason and Sarah

Pics: J & S in a Moroccan Garden (Sarah looking pregnant). Sarah celebrating 4 months of being pregnant! J & S outside of the Reichstag. J & S outside of the Berliner Dom.