Monday, October 08, 2007

Before Our American Adventure

Hello everyone,

It’s us again. Just emailing with a quick update before we head off on our Stateside Adventure with the Hailwoods (Claire and Jez, our best friends here!). It’s been about a month since our last email so we need to catch up!

You may or may not remember that we were planning an All-American Birthday party for Jason’s big day…well it happened in a big way! Everyone went all-out and wore red, white, and blue…even some cowboy boots showed up! We had some great American food, then a “Who knows the most about America?” Quiz…it wasn’t good! Most people couldn’t even pick out California on a map of the US…but then again we couldn’t have done that well with England cities before we came here, so you know. There were 17 of us in our new house, and we weren’t all that crowded. What a blessing, and a what a change from our old flat where 4 people was a crowd.

My (Jason’s) new job is going great! I am still going into schools and doing drama with students. And the organization that I work for now is a world away from the place I was at before. Praise God that He always has a plan!

We had our 20-week scan a few weeks back and we are proud to announce that the baby is healthy and growing! The baby is kicking now and even I can feel it! We have been busy getting the baby’s room ready…slowly but surely. We have been given a baby bed and all the bedding to go on it as well as curtains to match.

In a few days we are off on our American Adventure with our great friends Jez and Claire. It will be lots of fun! Hope to see lots of you when we are there!

With love,

Jason (and Sarah)

Pics of: Sarah at 5 months!!! AND Jason's All-American Birthday Party at our new house!