Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas and More!

Hello Everyone,

This is a seriously delayed email. We have been meaning to write to you all and tell you how Pippi’s first Christmas went, but cool things kept happening, so we delayed writing it. But, we can’t wait any longer, so here we go:

Christmas was amazingly fantastic. Pippi seemed to hit another gear. She was cute and adorable before, but she located another degree of cuteness over the holiday season. We spent Christmas with Jez and Claire and her family. It was so great to see Pippi being the center of attention and not letting anyone down. You will just have to check out our blog for some awesome pics. She enjoyed helping to unwrap the gifts. Although, the toy that Santa left her (a cute penguin that walks around) made her cry. She is used to it now, but at first, she wasn’t so into it. Thank you to everyone who helped to make her first Christmas special. We were overwhelmed with gifts and cards. Thanks so much!

New Year was another good time spent with a fun group of people at Claire and Jez’s new home. We had fondue and stayed up to watch the fireworks and shoot some off ourselves.

In January our very special friend John Sebestyen was here! It was a totally spur of the moment kind of thing. The University he works for asked him to go as a chaperone with a group of students. They spent some time in London and some time in Paris. We were able to hang out with him for a whole day, which was really good. He has now been here to see us twice!

Pippi’s first birthday is this week, January 21st, and we are planning all kinds of fun. Her first birthday party will be Saturday. Pippi and Isaac (another baby from church born a few days after Pip), will be celebrating with a Jungle Party! Sarah has been busily preparing decorations and games, etc. for the festive celebration. It should be a lot of fun and we will include pics from that in our next email!

Pippi is growing up so fast, and we are loving every minute! She is sleeping and eating very well now, 2 things that took her awhile to figure out. Her eczema is completely cleared up, now that we use a pretty intense regime of lotions and creams and oils daily. Her food allergies don’t bother her that much, as long as we are careful. Her first birthday cake recipe is called “Milkless, eggless, butterless chocolate cake”! I hope the word “tasteless” doesn’t fit in there, but as she’s never had chocolate before, she’ll probably love it! ☺ She still doesn’t have any teeth coming, and she’s not quite walking yet. She walks along the furniture and crawls up our legs every chance she gets. We were going to get her a new forward-facing carseat for Christmas, as we figured she’d be 20 pounds by her 11 months. The last time we’d weighed her she wasn’t even 9 months old and she was 17 pounds 4 oz. So we assumed that in over 2 months, she’d be 20 pounds for sure. However, when we had her weighed, she was 17 pounds 8 oz!! So we’ve still got awhile till she gets that new carseat, the little squirt!

Things are moving forward with us moving home! At long last, we have made some contacts. Please pray for us in the coming months! We’ll fill you all in as we know more!

Lots of love,
Jason, Sarah, and Pippi