Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter, etc.

Happy Belated Easter from the Suels!

As you can tell, Pippi had big fun in her pretty Easter dress "hunting" eggs (actually just picking them up). She will now hunt them all over the house, after we put them inside shoes, under the couch, or in the corner. We will point to them, she will then "find" them, be sooo proud of herself, clap for herself, then refuse to let them go or put them in her basket. It's so cute. And hours of entertainment!

Well, after spending several weeks with our families, we have now made it up to Fayetteville. We have all moved into Ashley's house, a great friend who hasn't batted an eye that we have basically overtaken her house! We are really enjoying exploring our new hometown and surroundings. Everyone in our new jobs have been so welcoming. I haven't started yet, but went up to the hospital to say hello and meet everyone. They were upset that it was still going to be a few weeks before I started! Jason, however, has already started part-time. Kassie, his boss, is really nice. She even invited us all to her house for a playdate with her 2 small children. She is excited to have Jason here, and has thrown him in quickly! He taught his first classes alone on Saturday already.

Like I said before, we spent several weeks with our families. Here are a couple of pictures of Pippi enjoying herself there! I found her with the toilet paper like this one day, and it was after she had dropped her toy in the toilet! And the other picture is her and her cousin, Annzley (Melissa's youngest), at Playtime Pizza driving their little car together! Pippi even had her hands in the right places--we were cracking up!

We will keep you all updated as we house-hunt and begin our new lives here. Please keep us and our families in your prayers as we are still transitioning. It will be a couple more months before we can close on a house, which means living out of our suitcases in someone else's house till then! Plus, all the stresses of making grown-up decisions about our lives!! Please continue to pray for Jason's family, too, as their lives move on after Melissa's death.

Please keep in touch all of you, and keep us updated!
Sending all our love in Christ,
Jason, Sarah, and PIppi