Thursday, March 30, 2006

Suel's Relaxing with Friends and Family

Hanging out with Suzy, on a typical Herefordshire country walk and partying in Bristol (with random boys who jumped in our picture!)
Hello all!

Well, for once we're not sending you pictures of a trip we've recently gone on! We've been taking it easy since we got back from Belgium, France, and the States. We had Suzy Dally visiting for about 10 days once we got home from America, and we had a blast with her, of course. We visited several different cities, saw the sights, and enjoyed the simple Herefordian life with her. Since then, we've had several weekends now of just hanging out, something we haven't had in awhile. It's been nice.

Jason's news: Still working as a youth worker, still enjoying it. He's ready to lead a drama class of his own, and his boss is up for it. So he's planning that now. Jason was sick last week, a bacterial infection that lasted about a week. But it's almost gone now, just a small cough left. Jason and I are going to start up an 18-30s ministry at our church, and will be having our first meeting April 7. We'll see how that goes! And Jason is also still playing guitar in the Sunday evening services at our church. This is the more contemporary, casual service. They call it a Cafe Service, cause there's tables and quizzes and snacks. It's fun.

Sarah's news: Still loving my job, it's going great. It's been getting busier, I've recieved over 10 new patients this week, so I'm up to >30 now. It's crazy trying to schedule in that many people! But it's good being that busy, too. I've never bored! I'm starting up my first community group soon, teaching an Anxiety Management group to about 8 old ladies who suffer from panic attacks. Should be interesting! I'm looking for a venue and transport now, so once that works out, I should be up and running. Still working out at the gym about 4 mornings a week. Still on my own 3 evenings a week while Jason works (that's what's happening now).

The Abbott's (Sarah's parents) will be visiting on Easter week, for about 12 days. Looking forward to being crammed in our tiny house for that long! Just kidding, but we are looking forward to showing off our little town and home. We'll be heading to Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon (for some Shakespeare!), and London. Also, all the surrounding villages around Herefordshire. Should be fun!

We've just had daylight savings time here (yours in the States is coming up), and it's still bright and sunny outside now with it being almost 7pm. It's already throwing me off!

We're heading to Northampton this weekend, for a little getaway for one night. We found a sweet Spa Weekend deal online in a 4-star hotel. It looks beautiful!

We'll talk to you soon, keep us updated. Send us some info on you, and we'll look forward to hearing from you! We love you all!

Jason and Sarah Suel
Top: Jason's family (parents, sister & her hubbie, and newphews)
Middle: Sarah's mom and grandma
Bottom: New friends Claire and Jez (we love them!)