Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Job and a Visit to the Algarve

Pictures) The beach in Portugal...cliffs and caves!
We took kayaks through the caves for a first-hand look inside them. It was pitch black inside some of them, and with the waves pushing us UP and DOWN about to knock our heads into the sides of the caves, it was a bit scary! But worth it!

Hello all!

For those of you who don't know, we've got great news...Jason's got a new job here in Hereford! He'll be starting as the Education Officer/Youth Drama Person at the local theatre in Hereford! It's the Courtyard Theatre. This means he'll be in charge of all the youth theatre (including directing "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" for 2 casts of 80 kids!!) as well as working with all the primary schools in Herefordshire. He'll collaborate with the primary school teachers and lead interactive workshops for the classes on whatever subject the teacher is doing at that time. For example, he had to do a workshop for his interview as a practice, and he did one on "Unity and Diversity". He did loads of activities with the kids teaching them about this subject.

Anyways, this is great news, and means he'll start August 1. It is a full-time job with good pay. He gets 4 weeks vacation time (not quite as much as normal, but still good!) plus holidays and sick leave. Since he starts in August, and then doesn't get a vacation till Christmas (he has to take them when the kids are out), we're getting a lot of traveling in now...

So we've just gotten back from another adventure, this time in the Algarve. That means Portugal. We went with our friends Claire and Jez, and Claire's brother Keith. Claire's friend's fiancee's parents have this place that we got for a super good deal....luxurious golf resort! The beaches in Portugal are unbelievable, with cliffs above them and steep long staircases leading you from the cliffs to the beaches. All along the beaches there are caves in these cliffs. We kayaked inside the caves and took a boat trip one day all through the caves. So cool. (Until I found out I get seasick...just like in the movies, I was puking over the side of the boat...not my most glorious moment!)

Anyways, after I send this email, I'll be putting some pics on our blogsite, so check them out.

We leave for a roadtrip through Northern Ireland and Ireland on Friday! Another long weekend of fun! Also, Jason and I celebrate 4 years of marriage this Thursday! Yay!

Missing you all but having a blast in Europe!

The Suels

Pictured: 1. Took a boat trip through the caves. 2. Jason, Sarah, Keith, Claire, and Jez on the boat. 3. Walking through the town of Lagos to eat fresh fish for dinner one night.

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