Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Has Started!

Hello Family and Friends,

Well we have a lot to update you on, so I’ll get right to the good stuff. I’ve decided to divide this email into sections, so that it will be easy for you to devour. If you are like me and have trouble holding your attention for the duration of a long email, treat the sections of this email like chapters in a book…feel free to take a nap or have a snack after you have finished the section. But, be sure to return to the email for “another exciting chapter in the lives of Jason and Sarah Suel!” (to be said in some announcer voice)

Sports and Leisure:

Well, we are actively involved now in some sporting activities that you should know about. First, Sarah has continued her impressive regimen at the gym…getting up at 7 in the morning to exercise…sometimes I join her. She has also started taking some classes at the gym with our friends Claire and Rosanna.

I have been playing squash at the gym with Sarah and also with my friend Jez. We aren’t really that good, but it’s a fun game and it’s similar to racquetball. Sarah and I really became great friends in college while playing racquetball, so the game holds great memories for us. I decided to take my squash game to the next level and, along with friends Jez and Chris, have joined the squash league. Exciting!

Finally, on June 4th, I ran in the Blackpool marathon. Marathons in England are say the least. There is nothing like running a marathon and have few to no supporters. The last few miles, which are usually full of people cheering you on, are basically full of tumbleweeds and people giving us funny looks. I would let Sarah type some on this subject but she gets too frustrated and angry. Anyway, despite lack of support I finished the Marathon in a little over 4 hrs. Not the time I trained for, but not bad considering. I am planning to do the next one in October in Cardiff and then, hopefully, London!


Well, you can count two more countries as having been visited by us. This month we took our much-anticipated vacation to Greece. Unlike our other trips where we have tried to see the landmarks and stuff in the city we were visiting, this time we just wanted to relax. So, we didn’t go to Athens or Crete or Rhodes or any of the super well-known Greek places. Instead we had a great time on the Island of Corfu (Rhoda Beach to be exact). We stayed for one week and that week saw us rent bikes and cycle to the highest point on the island (Mt. Pantakrator), we rented bikes and found some more secluded beaches away from the main tourist path, we had a night out in Corfu Town where we did some shopping and took in the sights, and finally we took a ferry boat trip to the country of Albania…that’s right Albania! We visited Saranda…an impoverished town that is trying desperately to improve its economy, and we visited the ancient city of Butrint. This little city was basically just ruins. We had a tour guide and all and he showed us all around and we could see the Greek, Roman, Turkish, and Venetian influences…really interesting place! And, one more country we can say that we have set foot in!


On a very exciting note, Sarah and I have both auditioned and been accepted into the cast of “Singin’ in the Rain.” The musical is being presented at our local theatre and I am so excited about being in the cast with Sarah! The only other play we’ve been in (the only play Sarah has been in) was “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” back in 1999. So, be sure to send your congratulations to Sarah. She had to audition and perform a song and everything! I’m so proud of her!


Another exciting moth awaits us. Towards the end of July we will be vacationing in Ireland and Northern Ireland…two more countries! And, as soon as we get home our great friend will visit us from Bowling Green, Mr. Patrick Peringer. We are so excited about his visit! He’ll be here for a week and a half or so…oh man, can’t wait!

Well I guess that just about does it for now.
We love you all and hope to her from you (or see you) very soon,

Jason (Sarah)

Pictured are Jason at the Blackpool Marathon (with Blackpool Tower in the background), Sarah at the ancient city of Butrint, Albania ducking under some ruins, the lovely view from our beach towels on Rhoda Beach, and Jason and Sarah on their bike ride to the highest point on Corfu Island!

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