Thursday, February 28, 2008

Parenting with Pippi

Hello all!

Well, it’s been 5 ½ weeks since little Pippi was born, and our lives have been blessed beyond all measure! She is doing great, growing every day it seems. We are both loving being parents, with the fun and challenges that go with it. Here are our top 10 things we love about it all so far:

1. The way total strangers will jump out and talk to you if you are with a tiny baby…people love babies!
2. The way Pippi’s soft fuzzy hair feels against your face when you are holding her
3. The way you get to dress her up like a little doll in precious baby clothes, especially vintage ones from thrift stores (thanks Ashlea!). See pic below!!
4. The way she can’t fit into hats yet, and they fall down over her eyes and nose because she wriggles so much (see pic below!)
5. The way Pippi’s bottom lip sticks out in a super-pout when she cries (I can’t actually bring myself to snap a pic of this…I have to pick her up instead!)
6. The way our little Pip-squeak actually squeaks! (all the time—it’s the main noise she makes, along with grunts!)
7. The way she falls asleep with her arms up over her head in contentment (see pic below!)
8. The way she freaks out when her pacifier falls out of her mouth and she wants it back soooo badly but can’t figure out how to obtain it.
9. Her BIG blue eyes, so alert and beautiful.
10. The way she will fall asleep on your chest, tucked up so tight and peaceful, knowing you’re taking care of her.

Now, of course our list could go on for days!

Jason’s back at work full-time now, which leaves me and Pip on our own for most of each day. We do go out every day now, which is fun. Some of the things we’ve been doing include going for a neighborhood walk everyday, going to Tot Stop at our church on Wednesday mornings to play with other moms and babies, hanging out with Chloe and Zac (Chloe is a church friend who had Isaac 4 days after Pippi was born), and doing loads and loads and loads of laundry!!

In exciting news for us, we have booked our first trip with Pippi in tow! We’re off to Vienna, Austria at the end of May! I guess really our first overnight trip will be in London while Jason runs the London Marathon in April, so that will be our “tester” weekend with Pippi. We are looking forward to putting her in her little baby-backpack and touring around!

Before our travels, though, we are looking forward to having several visitors in a row…first off Brett (my brother) and Paula (Brett’s girlfriend) in March. The day after they leave, Liz Dally (friend from Ohio) arrives. The day after she leaves, Ashley (friend from OT school) and 2 friends arrive! We’ll have 3 weeks of visitors, and are really excited about seeing everyone…and of course showing off Pippi! Let’s hope they can all cope with night-time crying! ☺

Well, that’s about it on our front. As always, send us news about yourselves when you can.

With love from all 3 of us,
Sarah, Jason, and Pippi


Anonymous said...

Pippi is just so adorable. I can't even stand it. Her eyes are so big and beautiful! I'm just so very excited for all three of you and so wish I could give you all big hugs. Praying for you! Love, Kimberly

Anonymous said...

HI SARAH!! Your little Pippi is sooooo adoreable. I bet your the best momma ever. What a lucky baby to be born to such a sweet and adventureous couple. You know im jealous, I wont even sleep in a tent!! I hope all is well for you, we sure miss you at old St Catherine's, which is now St Catherine's mannor by the way. Should have been in touch sooner, sorry, Michelle gave me your blog addy. I can't get over how beautiful Pippi is (not that I didn't already know you would have a beautiful baby), and I just LOVE her name. Hope to talk to you soon!! Melanie Hopple