Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Overdue, from Suels

Hello family and friends!

We are sorry this is so long in coming to you...things
have been busy as usual. So here's what's been going
on with us:

As of today, I (Sarah!) only have 2 months left of
being pregnant! I'm getting bigger by the week, and
staying healthy. No sickness, just some tiredness
setting in. But as I'm still working full-time,
that's to be expected, really. We have organized our
"nursery" as of last weekend, so most of the major
items are in place. It's super fun getting ready for
the baby to come. Very exciting stuff!

My job is still great, loving it. I was recently
asked by my manager to attend a planning meeting for
the whole of the West Midlands (that's several
counties in England) about how best to care for people
with dementia in our area. I was one of 13
representatives who specialize in working with people
with dementia. I go back next week for a second
meeting. It was exciting to be asked to go and it's
actually a pretty important thing to be doing, so
that's cool. Jason's not-so-new-anymore job is still
going great, too. The people he works for are
fantastic, he is wholly supported, and working with
the kids in schools is exhausting but fulfilling.

Church stuff is great, Jason's still leading worship
regularly. He just got back from an entire Worship
Conference weekend, learning about leading worship for
the Lord. He learned a lot, and heard some fantastic
musicians. One of the main guests was Matt Redman.
Good stuff. We are still leading the 18-30's
ministry, and it is growing! Our last few meetings
have had between 20-25 people, which is awesome,
seeing how we started out with about 8-10. We were
involved in a hilarious Dodgeball Tournament recently,
complete with costumes and a theme song! We totally
lost. We are also doing a drama skit together for the
Christmas Candlelight service next month. There's
another girl in our group who's pregnant, too, due a
week before me. We have to be the narrators as we
can't play a pregnant soldier, wise man, angel, or
even Mary (as she's holding baby Jesus!)!

Jason just got an acceptance letter to qualify to run
the London Marathon! He is sooo super excited, and
we're already planning a weekend in London in April
for the event with friends. He didn't get in last
year, so he's really happy to do it this year.

Jason was also in a play recently called "Personals".
He was a lead role, it was a musical comedy. It was
about people who are looking for love by placing
personal ads in the paper. It was written by the same
people who wrote "Friends", so it was pretty funny.
He did a great job, and made some new friends, too.

We are going away for the weekend tomorrow (one of our
last as a "couple"!). We'll be staying in a B&B in
Birmingham all weekend, all centered around us and
Claire and Jez going to see "Maroon 5" and "Dashboard
Confessional" on Saturday night. We've had our
tickets forever, so we're anxious to see it.

We had an amazing time at home with moms and dads in
October. We went home for 2 weeks (before I couldn't
fly anymore), spending a week at each of our parent's
houses. Claire and Jez came with us to experience
their first taste of America. We had so much fun
showing them everything (mostly centered around
eating, if we're honest!) It was difficult finding
vegetarian options for Claire at BBQ places in
Arkansas! It was a fun experience, though, and the
Hogs game was a highlight, even though we lost. That
team spirit-filled environment is not something
British people have much of, so it was fun to show it
off. And of course it was great to see moms and dads.
Difficult to come back, knowing they won't get to see
Baby Suel for awhile until after it's born, so there
were some tears upon departure!

Well, I'm sure there's more to tell you than all that,
but you get the picture. Check out the blog for new
pics of us. Pretty soon you'll be getting emails of
the 3 of us, so get into it!

We love you all so much, please update us on your
lives, and may God bless you this Christmas season and

In Him, Jason and Sarah Suel

Pics: 1. Suels showing the Hailwoods how to call those hogs! 2. Jason and the cast of "Personals" 3. Dodgeball Tournament Team :) 4. Jez, Jason, and Sarah (looking pregnant) at a friends birthday party!

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