Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still in Chicago :(

Hello all!

Well, after almost 4 weeks in Chicago with John and Heidi (saints that they are!!), and 3 work permits later, we are finally on our way tomorrow morning! We've had basically the worst time of getting our Visas EVER, with lots of emotional ups and downs (mostly downs), if we're being honest here). But God has sustained us and taught us patience during this time. So that is good.

We are flying out tomorrow morning, very early. We will eventually arrive at the train station in Hereford (our new home) to be picked up by Sue and her husband. Sue is one of my to-be coworkers. They will take us to a B&B where we will stay for a few days or so until we find an apartment. Then they will take us to lunch and show us the town. The B&B will be located very near my work so I can walk to work until we find an apartment and get a car.

So we are very excited and getting a little jittery, mostly about the airports and actually getting there, opposed to living there. We still feel very comfortable about this move, and feel that God has led us there. We will contact you once we get there with
our new address and phone numbers.

Thanks for all the prayers and support! We love you!

Sarah and Jason Suel

PS: we now have an AOL instant messaging account...our screen name is jsueli...put us in your address book if you have one or send us your AOL IM screen name if you want us to correspond with you. But don't forget that we are 6 hours of a time difference (we're ahead).

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